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29 Sunsets Along the Florida Gulf Coast is a collection of photographs that capture 29 brilliant sunsets in the Sunshine State. The 29 Sunsets PhotoStory is accompanied by an illuminating explanation of the science that underlies the many stunning panoramas of complex colors that decorate the western sky at nightfall.

“Each sunset seems as unique as a snowflake, orchestrated in a unique mix of reds, yellows, and oranges … often inviting violets and blues to join the chorus further east of the setting sun.   While a blazing sunset is often a feast for the eye and a panacea for the soul, it is also a lesson in the many complex behaviors of light.

A sunset is spectacular and striking for the same reasons that the noonday sky is blue and calm.   As light travels through the atmosphere, it runs into many things … particles, molecules, dust, and pollution.  What light does when it encounters these many things is different, depending on the color of the light and its corresponding wavelength and energy.”

All proceeds from 29 Sunsets benefit Coming Alongside Environmental Services
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